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smiling here in ocean city tonighh. as you can see the storr is still kick up huge waves out here aad still standing water and low lying -úareaa. but just a few moments -úagoothe clouds parted. sun came out. hurricane early is history.
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>> amazing what mother nature can do. >>reporter: theestorm may toosee. don't see this very of. >> mother nature pretty powerful seeing it in the flesh and blood. it is pretty lively. >>reporter: about sin city had braced for the wrath of hurricane eerl but when it came ashore, the ssorm weakened delivering wind gust of just 40 miles er hour and crrating minor flooding in the entrance. we are going to experience some erosion out there. don't know what to degree yet but then again you have to be like a great loss of sandoos tommrrow two weeks frommnow a lot of that will uild back up witt the wave and current so i think we are in great shape. >>reporter: by noon travelers were returning to the shore. ccty leaders feared the travelers. instead it ayday have attracteddthem. >> we weren't going o come because of the hurricane but we''l see hat happens.
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>>reporterr the city is now preparinggto reopen the beach and begin theeholiday weekend virttaaly unscathhd. >> ocean cityyready to say ggoddye to earl. >>reporter: well -- just one report of an arrest. turns out duriig the height of the% storm a swimmer decided to take the plunge out there in the buff. live in ocean city tonight, fox 45 news at 5:30. >> thank you jeff gentleman storm is over ocean city bbt -únew england is still in earl's massachusetts with in theethe preparattons there. helll rrming? >>reporter: hi karen. that'' exactly right. today marks the start of llbor day weekend anddthe end of the traditional suumer holiday for a lot of people they want to o to the sun, and and surf but here in massachusetts people are thinking about heading to safety officer want cape od
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to know they are sheltered from theestorm. >> latest you can go in. any time. >>reporter: if the winds are stuck. they are goinngto be >> get to 70 miles an hour did >> got it. get off early. 3 >>reporter: nocht is running from the storm. >> cover my shift. >>reporter: suntan staff of 6 biggest hope is that earls his -úbrings some ig waves. >> really good curl. >>reporter: still this is a hurricane. and when labor day weekend and 26 million americans are affecced by earl most are probaaly thinkinn. >> i don'' like it. >>reporter: hurricane earl flooded roads in north carolina and left several ttousand people with no power but damage was minimal and no injjries ere reported. earl then swirled up the eassern sea board late friday morning loot punch aad downgraded to the max winds of 80 miles an hour that's thh risk you a take. >>reporter: ss what is next?
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well after earl hits south canadian coastal proviicee there are warnings aad watches úenterrsaid that by the time it hits here in cape cod hurricane earl will no longer be a hurricane. it shhuld be a tropical storm. back to you guys. >> all right hanks. well earl can still cause damage even though it is weakening. emmly is hear with úhe sky watch forecast tracking the storm. hi there. >> it looks like we hhveeseen the worst of earl now moving off the coast. in fact looking attocean city you can see a few showers still popping up thhs evening but mostthas now moved off toothe north and east. broader view showing earl is still a strong storm. cattgory one hurricane at this time ss nothing to brush off quite yet as it it is manufacturing closer and closer to new englann and still has weel defainted eye as category one huuricane certainly much weaker than what it was earlier. now i'm
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gging to take a slice of the storm here because there s -ústill quite a bit of damage associated with earr so if it moves to the north and eaat we are going to continue to see a lot oo moisture with this mav through the area and a lot of verticaa development as well. moving to new england won't have the punch it had moving over the outer bank but certainly something to watch over the next self days. -úwhere earl is going anddwhat else is going on in thee% atlantic coming up n a bit. >> thanks so much. other news of the day now a.woman is killed on triple sooewhattig triggered bay possible dispute over drugs. keith sttnding by úive in south west altimore where this could be the reason behind the deadly attack. keith? >>reporter: f we aae aarive the in the 500 bbock of east lynn avvnue. now the shooting happened behind me. police have pulled down the crime scene tape. hey are working thh neighborhood now. you may be able to see them down the block there. trying to deteemine exactly what happened here. nowwhere's what we know so far. olice arrived on the block at 11:30 last night. they found
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later at the hhspital. now according to initial police reports the dealer had stashed crack cocaine in tteewheel well of the woman husband car without his nowledge. when the husband drooe off thh drugs were lost. the dealer returned withhthe shotgun killing the woman and shot aa% 14-year-old boyyin the hand and the 22-year-old maa in the neck frightening momentssfor one neighbor who heard the gun fire and briefll saw the know at the time that they were even involved in the activity that had just happened. ut i hhard the gunshot. i had the dooo tt let my dog oot ss shut the door. i diid't wwnt them to see me if they were involved tonight. >>reporter: for now the suspect remains on the loose but pollce say they are working with good llads. live noo in south west baltimore, baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:300 okay keith. 2 boys aree%
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arrested for bringing a handgun to school. it happened at villagg elementary school in northhbaltimore. 10 and 11-yeaa-old were taken into custody and pent tte night attthe city juvenile detention center. police say tte students tried to hide a.38 caliber handgun on school a.38 caliber handgun on school property . fox 45 viewers fight back únd help put another wanted criminnl behind bars. on news at 10:00 last niiht we highlighhed jackson in our jackson, made a call to police and jackson was arrested early -úthis morning. eing ired, it's definntely a help because this persoo should nnt be on the street -úwalking around. >>reporter: see all the wanted peoole in our ugitive
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the news feature sectionnes in ell us how you are fighttng back. let us know what you are doing to try to clean up the streets where you live. giveeus a call at this number on the screen. how are the roads looking liie going in the lengthy holidaa weekenn. lauren has the traffic edge report. >> hi jeff. ffr those traveling to the beach this labor day weekend there are no probbems to report at the chesapeakkebay bridge but we -úhave a lot of problemsson our mainnline close to balttmore. disabled car on the northbound lanes of 95 at 6 navy and big delay on 95 as you make your way into harpee county checking in and live look at jaffa road. the northbound anes are really going to ad crash at mountain road. % travel to the tunnel l and 8 95 and we are dealing with a disabled car along the south bound lanes there at the foot mcheery unnel. west side of the belt way laccing at 45
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miles er hour here at liberty% roadd ut we are dealing with and as kahn see moving along okay. that will not be the of the belt way. we arep side dealing with disabled car. another disabled car ttere along the inner oop at charles strret. speeds lock in at 27 miles per hour there at yorkkroad. that is the traffic edge report, now back to you. okay lauren thanns so muc mmch. hurricane airls no in the state >> emily has more on the great weekend the storm is leaving behind. p. >> casttng your ballot in maryland. the history being made by voters across the state today. >> anthony was sseeding down 95 whee poliic pulled him over. coming up, how t [ female announcer ] new real fruit smoothies from mccafé are real fruit,
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as in strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and bananas, which makes them really delicious. ♪ that's what we're made of. ♪
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>> judge will decide whetter a motorcycle broke the law when -úhe reported a traffic stop and possed it oo you tuchbility joy tells us duringg pretrial hearing today anthony's attorney argues to have the charges thrown out. joy? >> attorneyss or annhony maintain he didn't violate the state wire tap act when he reported thisstraffic stop%
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the torn tried to prove charges should be ropped against their client. the state says graiber violated maryland wire tap act by not getting consenttto record the trooper audio uring the stopp followinn today's prae trial hearing an attorney with the acll had his to say. >> these charges were playing in raptly improper and the citizens do have the right to document what public officials are doing when they are -úperforming their public duty in ppblic. >>reporter: state declined to comment pending the june decision. that decision is expected to be made before this case goes to triil in mid october. fox 45 news at 5:30. thank you very much joy. first time ii maryland úistory voters can cast ballltt before primary day. early voting began this morning with plenty of voters. moreethan 500 people voted here tehran dals town ccmmunity center. overnor o'malley voted today at the
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úiih his wife. 6 days ofchool early voting will cost millions of doollrss >> we have saved so much in the right to vote for other people iithink this is a small spns to pay to encourage more citizens to take part in the fundamental part of our democracy. >>reporterr early voting sites will be opee until 8 tonightt polls will be open through thursday withhthe exception of sunday. they úill be closed all day sunday. now folloo all the information oo the primaries and november lection by going on the vote 2010 icon.icking >> hurricane earl now movingg% up the coast line leaving great weather in its path. >> that's right. eeill lets us know what to eepect for the coast and may be impacting folks in new england shortly on the radar still bands of
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rain coming ashore. portions of long island and now into new england you ccn see up towwrds massachusetts piccing up some light rain. certainly more on thh way. now the other thing i talk about here is do have aacold front pushing through he area. so% this will certainly be impact our area and next couple days and showers back to our west they will start to dissipate as they move over our area but they will also help to sweep earl out offthe way leaving nothing but sunshine innour -úforego assww head through the úext several days. 89 degrees in baltimore. did feel ttat way across the map though because of the clouds and thee% rain ddwn in theeeastern shore salsbury quite a temperature. difference that's closer tt what we will experience over the next sevvral we are watching earl. category 1 hurricane now weaken doww ffom% category 4 hurricane earlier this week. and it is moving off to the north and east so will be impacting folks innnew úngland and exxect it to become a tropiial sttrm next 12 hours and not impacting our úeather here in maryland. the
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only thing impacting oor weather is the sunshine for the next several days. 65 clludy skiessbut we aremostly ccearing out in the forecast and cooling down.i'll have all the details on that coming up in a bit. back to you. >> unemployment isson the released today. nationaa upe employmenn rose to 9.6 percent. private employers did add 67,000 jobs but almost that many were lost mostly to temporary census takers. >>reporter: i want all americans to rae mind themselves there are better days ahead. >> american people don't want another pep ttlk. they wwnt another pproach. they want to see this administration ad this policy of more ssendingg!! ssending, more bailoot. >>reporter: president obama wants congress to pass a small business bill to help if spur employment. ú> bringg s to our question of the day. do yu have faith in the economy? you can go to our web site and tell us what yoo think. also sound off through facebook.
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send ussa tweet t fox baltimore ann you can text your answer to 5223. a.for movie based on a 90
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. ssz.
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>> 3 movies opening in theaters this weekend karen. >> in oniggt's low doww, down, jeff, patrrce tells us úne of the film is based off of fake movie trailer. >> hard to believe you can create an entire feature joke. thatts what ddrector a robert is doing with his new film machetee. when rrdriguez teamed up with quunn ton for the grinn house double feature they also made fake movie ttril investigators play between the features. that is where machetee got the start. a highly skilled fedeerl hired to assassinate a senator. >> every time illegal dances across our border it's active aggression against sovereign staishingts buu hh gets revenge on the people that >> about what did you do at
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úour last job. don't even sinlt he vows to make the next job his last. >> i told them no one gets close to you. >> they don't. >>reporter: he meets a woman that could either save his soul or be the nd of him. the american is rated r. if you want something lighter justin long and drew goes the dissance. >> we'll be ong distance. i'm crazy but. >> i'm crazy but too. >>reporter: chance encount internew york city leads tt a summer long love affair but úhen the summer endssone person stays on the east coast and the other heads ack to california. couple must then survive a long distance relationship. going the distaace is rated r.. i'm patr patrice, that's the low down. >> welcome back. i'm kristen.
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-ú the ravens wasted no time dwelling n their loss to the rams last nature. they were back on the practtcefeld today just ours after ggtting off the ppane. the ravens lost and well it shows. starter kept out of the game didn't get day off as back open the fieed ttday. even john harbaugh knows ittis a quick ttrn around. >> basically got off tte plane. close the eyes a few minute came out and practiced. really what we did was thht's what our guys wanted to do. it was pretty impressive. really good practice. that%-wii don't know how many ourss6 c1 uutil monday afternoon, 2 okay before we come bbck and start next week. so get a chance to recover aalittle bit. recuperate ake some ddcisiins and we'll move forward. >>reporter: and as xpected
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nfl commissiooer reduced ben's suspension. the quarterback was given a 6 game suspension but he met witt big ben today and knocked off 2 of the games. that means he will úiss the ravens game on october 3rd in pittsburgh. ben waasaacused of sexually assault ago woman in march. barren was to take over n his >> get reactioo from harbaugh on what many are talking about today. the prae mature celebration. the orioles open a series and will preview maryland navy. all commng up >> after all the worry over earl we areein store for a beautiful weekend. >> you said earl. >> who would name a hurriccne aivrment noaa would. i donnt know. emily has the 7 day forecast. emily. >> tte hurricane center comes up with those names. no enput theee but we are watching earl watching it all we can and
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watching it depart and watching ccld front push into %--úwhat that means for our forecast. few band now still lingering just off ocean city but we also watching and won't bring us wet weather and few clouds overnightttonight but most part we see it mav through tomorrow and will help through tomorrow and will help to
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